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Brian Nuffield Customer Services Practitioner Level 2 Apprenticeship

27 Feb 2023

Brian Nuffield Customer Services Practitioner Level 2 Apprenticeship

Brian is a young male with autistic traits who was referred by his work coach at Epsom job centre plus to explore jobs & apprenticeships opportunities. He completed a Kickstart programme in May 2022, where he gained valuable IT/customer service-related experience. However, since then, he struggled to find suitable opportunities.

The job centre supported him with work experience at Unilever and at the Epsom & Ewell Hub we helped with mock interviews, confidence building, and identifying the right apprenticeship to utilise his strengths and experiences.

Brian had an interview with Nuffield in October, and although he received positive feedback, he was not selected. However, he demonstrated a keen interest in working with Nuffield. Therefore, with the Epsom & Ewell hub support, Brian re-applied for an apprenticeship at Nuffield that recently became available. We provided him with tips on how to approach his application and use his interest in working with Nuffield to demonstrate his eagerness to work with them.

Brian will be starting his Nuffield Customer Services Practitioner Level 2 Apprenticeship in two weeks time and he is so grateful for the support that we provided.

Brian is passionate about building a career in the customer service industry, and he is excited about the opportunity to grow and develop as a customer service coordinator. Brian’s journey is an inspiring example of how apprenticeships can provide valuable opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and careers. The job centre & Epsom & Ewell Hub support played a crucial role in helping Brian identify his strengths, gain work experience, and prepare for interviews. With his determination and passion for customer service, Brian is on track to achieve his goals and make a meaningful impact in his chosen industry.

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