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Mikey overcomes poor mental health

11 Oct 2023

Mikey overcomes poor mental health

Mikey attended the Hub as a referral from the DWP. Having struggled with multiple challenges throughout his childhood, including poor mental health and being placed under different care providers, he came to the hub with poor confidence and low mood. Mikey had previously worked in pub kitchens but felt he was being overlooked for promotion.

He was offered CV help and support by the Hub and very quickly demonstrated an improved general outlook, confidence and enthusiasm. He took personal responsibility for distributing his CV to a number of local organisations suggested by the Hub and was offered employment by a local Japanese restaurant in Epsom, where he gained valuable cooking skills. He then pursued a Sous Chef role at a kitchen in a pub in Ashtead, where he is also training to be an Assistant Manager just 4 months into the role.

Mikey has subsequently introduced his partner to the Hub who was dealing with her own personal challenges and has received a positive experience. The couple are expecting a baby together in March 2024. Congratulations!

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