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S K & Employer: New Taco Bell (Epsom)

15 Jun 2022

S K & Employer: New Taco Bell (Epsom)

S was referred in March 2022 to Epsom & Ewell Hub by her Epsom JCP case worker to provide a tailored wellbeing & employment support. S had been working as a waiter for about 10 months on a zero-hour contract and had been informed in March she would not be receiving any further hours. She felt this was unfairly handled and showed little understanding of what S was going through after losing a very close family member in a very tragic incident towards the end of 2021. This had a big impact on her confidence and ability to participate socially.

Initially S found it difficult to engage with any EE Hub programmes but over time increased her attendance and engagement with the hub. Eventually in May Hub staff supported her to update her cv and continued to offer support to attend employment events and wellbeing workshops.
During one of S visits at the Hub she was encouraged to engaged in a 121 session with Kim Williams from Lloyd recruitment. Also, on the day we coordinated with Kim and we all came up with an agreed commitment by S to start 121 coaching sessions at the hub. She expressed that helped a lot on the need to focus and prioritise her mental wellbeing.

From that session at the hub, she opened up and discussed her desires to work and what a supportive environment would look like while acknowledging the need to focus as well on doing one thing at the time and being gentler and patient with herself and her own grieving process. We shared wellbeing exercises and techniques to help her ground and focus.

It was around the same time the EE Hub had recently registered a new Taco Bell franchise with a manager eager to employ about 15 staff for their new opening in Epsom and very approachable on how he would support candidates referred by EE Hub.
The hub supported both Taco Bell to promote their vacancies and S to finish her CV and go for the vacancy as she had the right experience, and they would provide the support requested.

S got the role - This is the message she sent upon receiving the news: “Hi I applied for that Taco Bell job which you told me about and I actually got the job and I Start my first shift today . Thank you so much I’ll see you tomorrow and thank you again for helping me get this job it means the world 😊"
Also the Hub received an email from the employer “ I am writing this email to inform you that we have hired one of the people whom you have referred to and I would like to thank you very much for that. Thank you for your help and support”

To date S has been training in the Sutton Branch while at the same time been offered an increase on her hours from 20 to 23h contract. S has mentioned feeling fully supported and coping well while continuing attending her counselling sessions weekly.
S still pops into the hub and it’s been a great uplifting experience for all at the Hub and job centre coach staff to see the job has given her the routine and peace of mind she needed while she continues to get support.

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