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Toyota Apprenticeship Placement

3 May 2022

Toyota Apprenticeship Placement

John, 18 years old, was introduced to the Epsom & Ewell Hub in March 2022 by his mother who had walked past the Hub whilst shopping.
John had left University in June 2022 where he had been studying for a Journalism degree. The course program “didn’t fit” with him and he found virtual lectures quite overwhelming.
Since then, his goal had been to find an alternative pathway into Journalism. He had already achieved 3 A levels, so the support from the Hub was initially to explore and introduce the possible routes available to him and build up his confidence.

Some of the routes explored were internships and apprenticeships. We also introduced John to the National Apprenticeship Service, relevant jobs, companies and social media websites.

We encouraged John to talk to the local apprenticeship training providers offering Journalism studies at levels 5-7. We also encouraged him consider copywriting, communication and marketing pathways and roles. We helped him to research free courses and voluntary roles to gain industry-related skills and to boost his confidence.

John followed advice and was very proactive in his own searches. He updated his CV and we worked on building confidence, applying for different apprenticeships and persevering in his efforts.
In early May, he was offered an interview for Toyota (GB) PLC, the company responsible for sales, marketing, after-sales, and customer relations for Toyota and Lexus in the UK.
John was successful, “proud” and delighted to have secured a BSc Project Management Level 6 apprenticeship role, part of Toyota’s Emerging Talent Programme which aims to attract, cultivate and develop students who can become innovative, customer-focused leaders.
John said that the support from the Hub had “made him feel prepared and confident”.
The programme will enable John to gain real life experience at Toyota (GB) PLC’s headquarters in Epsom, Surrey while studying for a degree. John will be directly supporting the delivery of projects and work activities with the Consumer One Data and Insight (D&I) team to support the improvement of the consumer experience for Toyota and Lexus in the UK. John intends to stay in touch with the Hub as this is going to help him while he adapts to the position.

“We are so proud of John! It’s amazing to see how he has grown in confidence as he has become more resilient in pursuing an alternative career path that leads to finding a supportive environment that suits him better.”

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