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Website project in collaboration with Dentsu

22 Aug 2023

Website project in collaboration with Dentsu

Hello, I’m Amy and I work as a digital and graphic designer at Dentsu. I have been working in collaboration with Adrian and Claire to give the website a refresh. My focus has been the design side of the site whilst Adrian has been building the website. We worked collaboratively with the aim to encourage people to visit the site more and to become a welcoming and user-friendly site so that everyone can engage more with the EE hub through the website. We believe the site is the face of the company so if you haven’t visited the hub before or know anything about it, it was important to show what the EE hub is about especially if that is your first touch point. So, giving the website a complete refresh has created a more user-friendly, inviting, and engaging site that encourages people to find out more about the hub and the fantastic opportunities that are available.

This collaboration has been insightful for Adrian and I, we have learnt a lot during this process and have proven that is it possible to work collaboratively remotely with the help of good communication and the effort from everyone’s part to reach the same goal. From this project I have not only learnt more about the hub, but I have been able to work with such an amazing team, which is why I believe it was important to showcase the great support the hub are providing the community but also the welcoming and wonderful people behind it all who are ready to help and assist.

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