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As the Project Coordinator for the Hub, I have the following responsibilities:

  1. Reporting to the SLLP Chief Executive

  2. Overseeing a small professional team responsible for providing guidance and coaching to hubbers 

  3. Providing monthly progress reports to key stakeholders and attend quarterly review meetings. 

  4. Arranging of and reporting at monthly Steering Group meetings.

  5. Working with other SLLP staff in relation to marketing and communications, venues and infrastructure - initiating and supporting actions as needed. 

  6. Ensuring that duties are carried out in accordance with SLLP’s policies and procedures (including GDPR; safeguarding; equality and diversity; health and safety policies).

  7. Carrying out customer satisfaction exit surveys for all clients.

My Story

I have 16 years of business development experience of working with SMEs through my work with The Norwegian Embassy in South Africa. I've worked across diverse nations in countries such as South Africa, Norway, Ireland and the UK. My background includes conducting market research and sector studies, partner searches and networking initiatives promoting business and culture. I enjoy varied projects and challenges and I place a strong focus on customer expectations and delivering a competent service. Having project managed internship programmes with the University of Oslo and placed students to work at SMEs to learn about entrepreneurship, my skills are in business, networking and project coordination. I am passionate about youth development and believe that mentorship will be even more vital in time to come.

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